Max Menzies

I am a postdoctoral fellow in mathematics at Tsinghua University, Beijing. Previously, I received my PhD in pure maths at Harvard University.

My undergraduate education comprised a BA in pure maths (the mathematical tripos) and an MMath degree (Part III) from Trinity College, Cambridge.

My permanent email address is max.menzies at; my WeChat ID is max-menzies. My Chinese name is 孟思哲。

I'm currently in Sydney.


I am interested in both pure and applied mathematics. In pure maths, I spent my undergraduate and graduate years studying algebraic number theory and arithmetic geometry, particularly p-curvature. In applied maths, my primary collaborator (and best friend of 25 years) is Nick James. We try to work on various topical problems and develop new mathematical techniques to tackle them, with many experiments.


Apart from climate change, nothing is more important than accessibility of research, education, and information. I encourage all academics to submit their work to an open access repository such as arXiv. All my papers can be found on my personal arXiv page.

Selected fellowships and awards

Previous teaching


I passed HSK 4, the Mandarin Chinese equivalent of B2, in December 2019. I am learning quite actively.

Years ago, I finished the Duolingo courses in French and Spanish. I am now out of practice.

Many years ago, I did Latin and Greek in high school. I'm not the only person simultaneously interested in maths and Greek...