Max Menzies

I am an assistant professor (US tenure-track equivalent) in mathematics at the Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (BIMSA), affiliated with Tsinghua University, Beijing. Previously, I was a postdoctoral fellow in the Yau Mathematical Sciences Center, also at Tsinghua.

Before that, I received my PhD in pure maths at Harvard University. My undergraduate education comprised a BA in pure maths (the mathematical tripos) and an MMath degree (Part III) from Trinity College, University of Cambridge.

My permanent email address is max.menzies at; my WeChat ID is max-menzies. My Chinese name is 孟思哲。


I am interested in both pure and applied mathematics. In pure maths, I spent my undergraduate and graduate years studying algebraic number theory and arithmetic geometry, particularly p-curvature. In applied maths, my primary collaborator is Nick James of the University of Melbourne. We try to work on various topical problems and develop new mathematical techniques to tackle them, with many experiments. We have concluded a body of work on COVID-19, and have ongoing interest in various topics, including financial markets, cryptocurrencies, gun violence, terrorism, environmental topics, and statistical methodology.


I encourage all academics to submit their work to an open access repository such as arXiv. All my papers can be found on my personal arXiv page (see links below).

Selected fellowships and awards

Useful links

There's a nice function on arXiv to create a personal author page, where all your papers are lined up together. It's more reliable than searching by an author's name in the search bar. My personal arXiv page is here.

I like the Mathematics Genealogy Project. Here is my personal page.

I also like ORCID ID's, and encourage everyone to sign up for one. It's really quick (much quicker than getting a MGP profile...). Here is my page.

Finally, I'm a big fan of open source end-to-end encrypted applications. Signal is an alternative to WhatsApp that is actually encrypted rather than likely not, and its call quality is much better. Jitsi is an alternative to Zoom that is superior in every way. It is completely free, open source, encrypted, easier to use, and requires no sign-up to create a meeting.